I don’t know why, but lately I’ve been feeling like the house needs a little more… witchery included. I don’t know if anyone feels the same way, but I tend to feel more “witchy” in Autumn. I want to go overboard on rituals, decor, and sometimes spells. But this Fall, I feel like I should be including more magick in my day to day activities of domestic-ness.

Usually when I clean or do laundry, I dread it. Our washer connection is in our detached garage. And since our dryer died, we have been hanging clothes on a clothesline. Because the Summer has been brutal, it’s hard to get the motivation to go outside and do laundry. The same goes for cleaning. It’s hard to think about keeping the household in tiptop shape when the temperature is 100* or more outside, and with 1 working air conditioner, the temperature INSIDE the house can be right about there. But now that Autumn is upon us, I fear that I won’t have the same motivation I usually do, considering everything that has been going on this year.

I might just have to come up with a chant or mantra to get myself going. Or maybe think of a reward for doing it afterwards. Or maybe I will just snap my fingers and let the broom clean by itself and the clothes jump in the washer and then hang themselves on the clothesline. Or maybe I really need to figure out what “Witchy Housekeeping” I can do that will get me motivated. Right.