I usually say this blessing when I wake up because it’s a great way to start the day feeling grateful for everything the Goddess has given you. You can change anything you need to. You will need to light a white candle before, though.

Morning Blessing
I call upon You, Sisters Three
You who sit beneath Life’s Trees
Bless and watch over me this day.
These things of You, I ask and pray
Mighty Clothes, You who spin
The Thread and yarn of life and whim,
Grant my thread be soft, yet strong
And the essence of my own life’s song
Mighty Lachesis, You who weave
And measure the cloth of Life with ease,
Weave my life beautifully.
With color and texture for all to see.
Mighty Atropos, You who slice
Life’s fabric and thread with a snip precise,
Grant me now another day
To return to thank You- this I pray
Mighty Ones, oh Sisters Three
You who sit beneath the Tree
For each day I awaken to
Accept the thanks I offer You!
-Maiden Autumn Moon