During the cooler months (usually before it’s starts getting bitterly cold), Twin and I will spend an hour or two just taking picture of each other. There’s usually funny ones in with the soft and sweet ones. Sometimes someone will throw in a serious “children of the night” sort of picture in there. Okay, we do those every time we have a “photo day”. Anyways, tonight, we decided to do that before it got warm again. I thought I’d show you some of my favorites!

Me and Brother (Twin’s familiar- aka Bubba)
Twin (left) Me (right)

There are some more, but they require editing. Considering it’s almost 9pm, I have no desire to really edit a lot of pictures. On a single “Picture Night”, we can easily take up to 100 photos. Ever since I taught Twin some photography, she’s usually the one behind the camera, trying her new “skills” out. What can I say- 2 witches are better than one!