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I’m not happy to say this, but our oven no longer works. Dad tried to work on it yesterday, and found out that we only have 2 burners working and no oven. Once the weather cooled down, we were gonna start baking, and without an oven, we can’t. But then I started to wonder if it was possible to make stove top brownies, Imagewithout baking. Being a brownie freak, I will gladly spend an hour trying every stove top brownie recipe until I find one that works. I did find a couple of stove top cookie recipes, but since cookie dough is way different than brownie batter, I think the stove top cookie recipes would come out just a big gooey mess.


So I think eventually I will choose a couple of recipes (more like 5) and try each one out. I will keep you updated on which ones worked, and which recipes flopped.