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If this seems familiar, more than likely you have seen it on Blogger. But lately, Blogger has been going crazy. It seems that more and more people are having trouble, yet Blogger is refusing to do anything about it. It’s very frustrating, especially since my major blog is still on Blogger. I would migrate that one to WordPress as well, but I would have to work my stats back up again, plus I NEED to get into Blogger to get my backup XML with all my stuff on it, but can’t.

But Halloween is around the corner and I could not be more excited! We visit Spirit Halloween (for the 2nd time for Twin, Dad, and I). Mom hasn’t been in a long time and even she wanted everything! We spent at least an hour or so in there, just seeing all the cool displays they have and I even managed to snap a few with my crappy cell phone.





I e-mailed Spirit Halloween, asking about their camera policy because I really want some better photos. Plus it would be easier to post than send it to my e-mail and cost me money.