A couple of fellow bloggers are holding Dark Shadows giveaways, and as I entered a few, I decided to take this little quiz that’s on a cool blog app they had on the post. Before I took it, I swore I was VERY creepy. Until they started asking about things they usually freak me out. One question asked “When you see a spider, what do you do?”. Since “Run from the room, screaming”, wasn’t an option, I clicked “SMASH IT!”. There goes my one point from being creepy!

The next question took me out of the running for being creepy. When I was asked “The sight of blood makes you feel?”, I could feel my creepy meter start falling. I had the choice of “Invigorated”, “Queasy”, or “Scared”. I have no desire to start dancing once I see blood, but nor do I feel scared to the point of running or queasy from the sight of the red stuff. So I chose “Scared”. Other questions that were just as fun were tallied and I got the title “Creepily Conservative”.

How the hell am I “Creepily Conservative”? I love horror movies, even the gory ones. Sure, I hate spiders. I freak out when I see one. Sure, I don’t love blood to the point of salivating. But I know it keeps us alive so in some way, you have to have respect for it. I guess being “creepy” is subjective.

I wonder if being a witch helps my “creepy” meter.