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This is a craft that my Pagan readers can do to strengthen the bond between their best friend, sibling (i.e. twin sister), partner, or children. I didn’t include any pictures of the actual craft because the colors will definitely be different with each and every bracelet you make. But here is what you’ll need:

Embroidery Skeins (Colors- white, your favorite color, and your friend’s favorite color)

You will need 2 feet of each color, and 3 strands of each color for each bracelet. So for your bracelet, you will need 3 strands of your favorite color, 3 strands of white, and 3 strands of your friend’s favorite color. Each strand need to be 2 feet in length. Same thing does for the other bracelet.

Make sure each color is separated and then tie one end together. Begin braiding the bracelet, saying “With this I weave a bracelet of bond for me and (friend’s name). May our bond stay strong until time is done.” Once you’ve finished braiding the bracelet, tie the two ends to make a circle. Then tie the bracelet three times onto your friend’s wrist. If it goes over 3, untie and make it smaller to where it can go around the wrist three times.

When it comes to your bracelet, have your friend make it so that she can put it around your wrist. This makes the bond even stronger, instead of you doing your own. She is putting her own love into your bracelet and vice versa.

Wear your bracelet constantly to be reminded of your bond with your friend. Of course, you can take it off if you’re doing dirty work or don’t feel comfortable wearing it to bed. Once a bracelet breaks, make it again. Say if your bracelet breaks, have your friend make you a new one or you make her one.