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This was originally supposed to be posted tomorrow, but I felt like posting it now!

When I say “housekeeping checklist”, what do you think of? Do visions of scrubbing the toilet or loads of laundry enter your mind? For this housekeeping checklist, tou don’t need bleach or a mop! All you need are a few magickal items and a little motivation!

Ready to get your house tidy for the day? Here we go:

  • Wake up and say the Motivation Chant. This chant is especially helpful for those who aren’t exactly early birds- like me!
  • Light a white candle in every room of the house. If you have pets or kids, lighting your favorite incense will also work.
  • Cleanse each room by burning a sage bundle or using a Sage Spray Cleanser.
  • Physically sweep the front porch first (to allow positive energy to enter through the front door). Then using a ritual broom, mentally sweep away the negative energies. If you don’t have a ritual broom, a regular broom will work as well.
  • If there is actual housework to be done, do that. When you’re done doing the housework (and there is still time), check your altar or magickal space. Change around anything you need or and even cleanse items.
  • Sit, relax, and meditate!

For us women, housework is never done but with a little help from magick and a little prayer, we can do wonders in less than a day! One time, I went on a cleaning spree and cleaned the bedroom in less than 5 hours, in which I organized everything and even cleaned the walls/door. Even though I was exhausted, I still had time to arrange my altar to the moon phase before cooking dinner.