I grew up watching Steel Magnolias- the one with Sally Field, Julia Roberts, Dolly Parton, and the rest of the beautiful cast. While we would watch the movie, Mom would give us interesting tidbits and fascinating facts about the movie or it’s stars. I finally watched it enough to where I could recite the whole movie while watching it. The movie still makes me cry, laugh, and think about life. So when I found out that they were REMAKING Steel Magnolias, I was nervous because I wasn’t sure how it would turn out.

I didn’t like the remake at all. I found most of the scenes hard to believe and it just seemed like they were spitting lines and or just didn’t care. Most of it just seemed staged and disingenuous. It felt like to me that they were just reciting lines in a play.

I will admit that some of the cast did okay in their roles, others just flopped. I found that the person who played Shelby lacked true emotion to her role. In the “cemetery” scene (Remember in the original where Sally Field practically screams? That one.), it doesn’t even take place in a cemetery. It takes place in the beauty shop. The part where Ouiser and Clairee start fighting and saying stuff like “I slapped Ouiser Boudreaux”, it just seemed so staged. When M’Lynn is talking about how she could jog to Texas and back but she [Shelby] never could, there was absolutely NO feeling at all.

Some parts were okay, like when Shelby was in the coma and her mother sat by her side. You could remake that 7 million times and it would still make me cry. Or when M’Lynn picks up Jack Jr. and starts sobbing. I’m a sap, what can I say?

So if I were to rate it out of 5 stars, I’d get it 2 1/2. Okay, not great.