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As we move closer to Samhain, I remember what I had seen on one of the MusicChoice channels that I constantly listen to. I believe it was the Sounds of the Seasons channel, and they had a little trivia that had said something to the lines of that the Jack O’ Lantern was named after someone called Stingy Jack.  That may be true for other areas of the world, but not where the whole All Hallows Eve started- Ireland. My obsession love of Halloween has lead me to owning several books on the subject, and none of them actually attribute to the Jack O Lantern being named after someone called Stingy Jack. They only mention it briefly, saying it was a folklore tale from close to the Britain countries.

I won’t go into detail because, well, I have other things to do. Anyways, I cannot believe that Halloween (or Samhain for us witches) is only 10 days away. I wanted to do a ritual this year, and maybe a dumb supper. But life has become so stressful, that I didn’t even plan ahead. I don’t have any of the tools that I will need. I don’t have any written words ready for the ritual. I know it’s a start of the Witches’ New Year, and I am finding that I am starting it in a crappy way.

What do I have is 2 bags of Snickers FunSize bars and tons of Halloween or Halloween-themed movies to watch with Twin and Mom. I guess I could always wear my crown, say a chant, and pig out on chocolate with Twin and Mom.

The only thing I am dreading? November 1st. Why? The onslaught of Christmas commercials. Thank goodness I am 85% done! Woohoo!