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NOTE: This spell does work- I used it last year!

This spell will work differently for everyone, depending on what you need. If you have a few gifts left on your list but running short on cash, this spell will help you with that. If you’re needing money to buy even one gift, this spell will help with that as well.


Green candle

Christmas Card

Pen (preferably with green ink)


Light the green candle. Contemplate what gifts you need or how much money you need. On the inside of the Christmas card, write a list of people you still need to shop for and the amount of gifts next to each name. If you need a specific amount of money instead, write that on the inside of the Christmas card.

When you are done writing, say:

“Christmas comes

Presents go

This Holiday season

I need some more dough

Help me celebrate Yule

With my heart full!”.

Carry the card with you until you receive what you need.

NOTE: If you need money, be sure to be specific. Even if you just need $50, don’t write down $100, otherwise you might not get it.