Yule Money Spell


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NOTE: This spell does work- I used it last year!

This spell will work differently for everyone, depending on what you need. If you have a few gifts left on your list but running short on cash, this spell will help you with that. If you’re needing money to buy even one gift, this spell will help with that as well.


Green candle

Christmas Card

Pen (preferably with green ink)


Light the green candle. Contemplate what gifts you need or how much money you need. On the inside of the Christmas card, write a list of people you still need to shop for and the amount of gifts next to each name. If you need a specific amount of money instead, write that on the inside of the Christmas card.

When you are done writing, say:

“Christmas comes

Presents go

This Holiday season

I need some more dough

Help me celebrate Yule

With my heart full!”.

Carry the card with you until you receive what you need.

NOTE: If you need money, be sure to be specific. Even if you just need $50, don’t write down $100, otherwise you might not get it.


Channeling Samhain


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As we move closer to Samhain, I remember what I had seen on one of the MusicChoice channels that I constantly listen to. I believe it was the Sounds of the Seasons channel, and they had a little trivia that had said something to the lines of that the Jack O’ Lantern was named after someone called Stingy Jack.  That may be true for other areas of the world, but not where the whole All Hallows Eve started- Ireland. My obsession love of Halloween has lead me to owning several books on the subject, and none of them actually attribute to the Jack O Lantern being named after someone called Stingy Jack. They only mention it briefly, saying it was a folklore tale from close to the Britain countries.

I won’t go into detail because, well, I have other things to do. Anyways, I cannot believe that Halloween (or Samhain for us witches) is only 10 days away. I wanted to do a ritual this year, and maybe a dumb supper. But life has become so stressful, that I didn’t even plan ahead. I don’t have any of the tools that I will need. I don’t have any written words ready for the ritual. I know it’s a start of the Witches’ New Year, and I am finding that I am starting it in a crappy way.

What do I have is 2 bags of Snickers FunSize bars and tons of Halloween or Halloween-themed movies to watch with Twin and Mom. I guess I could always wear my crown, say a chant, and pig out on chocolate with Twin and Mom.

The only thing I am dreading? November 1st. Why? The onslaught of Christmas commercials. Thank goodness I am 85% done! Woohoo!

Steel Magnolias vs Steel Magnolias



I grew up watching Steel Magnolias- the one with Sally Field, Julia Roberts, Dolly Parton, and the rest of the beautiful cast. While we would watch the movie, Mom would give us interesting tidbits and fascinating facts about the movie or it’s stars. I finally watched it enough to where I could recite the whole movie while watching it. The movie still makes me cry, laugh, and think about life. So when I found out that they were REMAKING Steel Magnolias, I was nervous because I wasn’t sure how it would turn out.

I didn’t like the remake at all. I found most of the scenes hard to believe and it just seemed like they were spitting lines and or just didn’t care. Most of it just seemed staged and disingenuous. It felt like to me that they were just reciting lines in a play.

I will admit that some of the cast did okay in their roles, others just flopped. I found that the person who played Shelby lacked true emotion to her role. In the “cemetery” scene (Remember in the original where Sally Field practically screams? That one.), it doesn’t even take place in a cemetery. It takes place in the beauty shop. The part where Ouiser and Clairee start fighting and saying stuff like “I slapped Ouiser Boudreaux”, it just seemed so staged. When M’Lynn is talking about how she could jog to Texas and back but she [Shelby] never could, there was absolutely NO feeling at all.

Some parts were okay, like when Shelby was in the coma and her mother sat by her side. You could remake that 7 million times and it would still make me cry. Or when M’Lynn picks up Jack Jr. and starts sobbing. I’m a sap, what can I say?

So if I were to rate it out of 5 stars, I’d get it 2 1/2. Okay, not great.

Housekeeping Checklist- The Bewitching Home Blog Party


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This was originally supposed to be posted tomorrow, but I felt like posting it now!

When I say “housekeeping checklist”, what do you think of? Do visions of scrubbing the toilet or loads of laundry enter your mind? For this housekeeping checklist, tou don’t need bleach or a mop! All you need are a few magickal items and a little motivation!

Ready to get your house tidy for the day? Here we go:

  • Wake up and say the Motivation Chant. This chant is especially helpful for those who aren’t exactly early birds- like me!
  • Light a white candle in every room of the house. If you have pets or kids, lighting your favorite incense will also work.
  • Cleanse each room by burning a sage bundle or using a Sage Spray Cleanser.
  • Physically sweep the front porch first (to allow positive energy to enter through the front door). Then using a ritual broom, mentally sweep away the negative energies. If you don’t have a ritual broom, a regular broom will work as well.
  • If there is actual housework to be done, do that. When you’re done doing the housework (and there is still time), check your altar or magickal space. Change around anything you need or and even cleanse items.
  • Sit, relax, and meditate!

For us women, housework is never done but with a little help from magick and a little prayer, we can do wonders in less than a day! One time, I went on a cleaning spree and cleaned the bedroom in less than 5 hours, in which I organized everything and even cleaned the walls/door. Even though I was exhausted, I still had time to arrange my altar to the moon phase before cooking dinner.

Autumn Crown Craft- REVISED


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Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Been a little busy but for the past couple of days, I’ve been wanting to head to Michael’s to get some raffia and leaves for a craft that I saw in FamilyFun but because my family suffers from allergies, I needed something “allergy-friendly” and something I could use every Fall. After the sticker shock initially wore off, I found something that was actually a little more fun than buy tons of packages of 3 or 4 leaves. Here’s the craft: WHAT YOU’LL NEED

  • Raffia (I’m using Ashland Raffia-2oz)
  • 15 Faux Leaves (If you don’t feel like spending 99 cents on a pack of 3 or 4 leaves, get 2 autumnal leave garland. I snagged 2 6ft garlands at Michael’s for $4.99 each- marked down from $12.99!)
  • Scissors


  1. Bunch up enough raffia to be at least 1/2″ to 1″ wide. Make sure that one end of the raffia lines up. That will make it easier to pass the leaf though, trust me. LOL
  2. If you’re using packages of leaves, cut a small hold (big enough to pass the raffia through, though) on one end of the leaf. If you’re using garland, take the leaves off and separate them. Keep them in a plastic bag so they stay in one place. Be sure to cut a small hole in those leaves as well.
  3. String each leaf onto the raffia, stopping a few inches from the bottom. DO NOT cut any raffia as you string. You will need all of it to tie later on.
  4. When you have strung all 15 leaves on, wrap the crown around the wearer’s head to make sure that it’s a good fit. Make sure that you stlll have at least 5-6 inches of raffia left on the crown itself.
  5. Take the two ends of the crown, and combine them. Tie a knot, but before you completely tie it, string a long piece of raffia halfway through. Tie, and place upon your head for instant Fall enjoyment!

If you’re wondering about pricing, I spent only $16 and I have enough of raffia and leaves to make at least 5 crowns! Well, I only made 3 and 1 pretty full garland.

I’m Not Offended- And Neither Should You!

For centuries, people have shown “witches” as old hags with stringy gray hair, brooms, cauldrons bubbling, and a black cat on even doorstop. Back in the day, they thought witches were the first to cook children, do “black magick”, or even hex someone, hence the Salem Witch Trials.

If you search for vintage witch postcards, you will see a reoccurring theme of witches- they are all wearing black hats, riding a broom, and about 86% of the women depicted are wearing either black or red dresses (which I assume was because they thought witchcraft was partaking with the Devils’ whims).

For a long time, I was offended because I personally had the idea that it would make people think witches are bad, and that they all have green, crooked noses. I would get upset when I saw someone post a picture like the one above and say “You don’t know the history behind witches! It’s adding the falling Pagan-acceptance!”. I think I was a little obsessive about protecting the TRUE identity of Pagans.  But as I got older, I began to realize that even Pagans (or witches, like me) were using these old images and weren’t offended at all by what was illustrated. If they weren’t mad, why should I be? So I took an oath right then and there to just relax and let go of the old century thought.

Now as more and more people start dabbling in Paganism or witchcraft, they find themselves becoming offended at those same images I once was. But they shouldn’t be offended, because while some Christians and other religions believe witches are evil, many are accepting us as people with different ideology and beliefs. Witches are no longer being “hunted” on a macro level (Some areas still do witch hunts, though I’m sure where.), and you are starting to see more Halloween witch costumes than ghost costumes, and more and more book stores are shelving what I call “witchy” books.

If you are still nervous and uncomfortable about “coming out of the broom closet”, you don’t have to announce that you are Pagan or a witch. But don’t be offended by old depictions of witches. We have fought long and hard to denounce old stereotypes and superstitions to go back.

Bonding Bracelet- Craft


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This is a craft that my Pagan readers can do to strengthen the bond between their best friend, sibling (i.e. twin sister), partner, or children. I didn’t include any pictures of the actual craft because the colors will definitely be different with each and every bracelet you make. But here is what you’ll need:

Embroidery Skeins (Colors- white, your favorite color, and your friend’s favorite color)

You will need 2 feet of each color, and 3 strands of each color for each bracelet. So for your bracelet, you will need 3 strands of your favorite color, 3 strands of white, and 3 strands of your friend’s favorite color. Each strand need to be 2 feet in length. Same thing does for the other bracelet.

Make sure each color is separated and then tie one end together. Begin braiding the bracelet, saying “With this I weave a bracelet of bond for me and (friend’s name). May our bond stay strong until time is done.” Once you’ve finished braiding the bracelet, tie the two ends to make a circle. Then tie the bracelet three times onto your friend’s wrist. If it goes over 3, untie and make it smaller to where it can go around the wrist three times.

When it comes to your bracelet, have your friend make it so that she can put it around your wrist. This makes the bond even stronger, instead of you doing your own. She is putting her own love into your bracelet and vice versa.

Wear your bracelet constantly to be reminded of your bond with your friend. Of course, you can take it off if you’re doing dirty work or don’t feel comfortable wearing it to bed. Once a bracelet breaks, make it again. Say if your bracelet breaks, have your friend make you a new one or you make her one.

Walmart’s Holiday Faux Pas

It is only September, and some stores are still setting up for Halloween. I don’t think that the dollar store even has my bucket of candy corn and mellowcreme pumpkins out yet. Every year, the family at least gets 2 of the buckets because we love candy corn and mellowcreme pumpkins. I love the pumpkins a little more than the candy corn.

While I already have my Halloween planned, I never thought that I would have to think about Christmas… in September! As Dad and I were out running errands yesterday morning, we had to stop by Walmart to pick something up for Mom. As we drove past the Garden center, I saw something that made me wonder if Walmart had been delving into “Happy Hour” a little too much. But what to my wondering eyes should appear, an inflatable Santa decoration, and a plush Santa in a deer blind. I wanted to make the comment “Oh, so that’s how Santa recruits reindeer”, but I was too flabbergasted at what possessed Walmart to put out decorations in September to make the brusque remark.

I’m not sure if Walmart knows this, but Halloween comes before Christmas. Then Thanksgiving comes before Christmas but after Halloween. Once we’re done with Halloween and Thanksgiving, I believe Christmas is next on the calendar. I’ll have to double check all of my calendars, but I’m pretty sure that’s the way it goes. Maybe Walmart needs a new calendar. Apparently their’s has Holiday errors.

Creepily Conservative?!



A couple of fellow bloggers are holding Dark Shadows giveaways, and as I entered a few, I decided to take this little quiz that’s on a cool blog app they had on the post. Before I took it, I swore I was VERY creepy. Until they started asking about things they usually freak me out. One question asked “When you see a spider, what do you do?”. Since “Run from the room, screaming”, wasn’t an option, I clicked “SMASH IT!”. There goes my one point from being creepy!

The next question took me out of the running for being creepy. When I was asked “The sight of blood makes you feel?”, I could feel my creepy meter start falling. I had the choice of “Invigorated”, “Queasy”, or “Scared”. I have no desire to start dancing once I see blood, but nor do I feel scared to the point of running or queasy from the sight of the red stuff. So I chose “Scared”. Other questions that were just as fun were tallied and I got the title “Creepily Conservative”.

How the hell am I “Creepily Conservative”? I love horror movies, even the gory ones. Sure, I hate spiders. I freak out when I see one. Sure, I don’t love blood to the point of salivating. But I know it keeps us alive so in some way, you have to have respect for it. I guess being “creepy” is subjective.

I wonder if being a witch helps my “creepy” meter.

Heartsick and Eyes Filled Up with Gloom: True Blood Tutorial

Pam Rotting Makeup Tutorial True Blood

Sweetlings, today marks just 36 days until Halloween. Have you started thinking about your costume yet? I certainly hope you are all giving some thought to next month’s big costume contest!  If not, never fear, darlings. I will be here with costume and makeup tutorials all month to help you decide. Today’s tutorial features a half-cadaverous Pam from Season 4 of True Blood, her lovely face rotting away under the force of a witch’s curse.

If you don’t have Pros-Aide on hand, you can use a non-toxic gluestick to cover your eyebrow. You can also substitute homemade prosthetic gel for the 3D Gel Effects product. Don’t forget to take a look at GoldieStarling’s instructions for creating Pam’s hat or visit her YouTube channel for more makeup tutorials.

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